Enigmatica 2: Expert Wiki

Useful Items[]

These items are extremely useful (as the name implies) and are generally cheaper/more efficient than alternatives.

Name Mod Availability Utility
Tiny Charcoal Actually Additions Very Early Game A more efficient furnace fuel than regular charcoal. Each piece of tiny charcoal smelts 1 item, where as charcoal smelts 8. When crafted, 1 charcoal results in 8 tiny charcoal, so it smelts the same amount of items, but for smaller amounts of items its more efficient.
Sledgehammers Tinker's Complement Very Early Game Sledgehammers can mine Stone or Cobblestone to create Gravel, and likewise mine Gravel for Sand, and Sand for Dust. Placing large amounts of Cobblestone/Gravel and using Ore Excavate is a quick way to acquire Gravel and Sand.
Piggybackpack [[Tinkers' Construc]] Very Early Game Can be used to easily move mobs. Especially useful for cows, sheep, etc.
Wooden Hopper [[Tinkers' Construct]] Very Early Game Very cheap item transport for the early game. Only requires a Chest and five Wood Planks
Time in a Bottle Random Things Very Early Game Accelerates processes by increasing the tick speed for certain blocks. Becomes more useful the longer you hold it in your inventory, so craft it early
Squeezer Integrated Dynamics Very Early Game A relatively cheap means of doubling ores that doesn't require power.
Small Storage Crate Actually Additions Early Game (Requires Immersive Engineering and Forestry) Probably the most useful storage block for early game, with over four times the inventory space of a single chest
Cardboard Box Mekanism Early Game (Requires Forestry) Allows for easy movement of storage blocks like chests or storage crates
Wooden Storage Crate Immersive Engineering Early Game (You use treated wood) This item works like a shulker box with only 27 spaces. They can be found within villages at engineer's houses and crafted from 8 treated wood planks.
Sky Stone Chest Applied Energistics 2 Early Game (Osmium pick) Using 8 sky stone blocks, smelted or non- smelted, you can craft a chest. It has 36 spaces, slightly larger than a normal chest and very cheap once you have sky stone.
Sprinkler Cyclic Early Game Requiring nine bones, 3 iron bars and a bucket of water makes this growth accelerator very cheap. Place it above a water source and all the crops around it will receive massive increases to their growth rate making farming much easier and faster.
Ender Orb Translocator Cyclic Early Game Using only 4 ender eyes, 1 iron block, and 4 blue dye, you can craft an ender pearl that has 2000 uses and carries you with it. This item makes traveling and getting out of pickles much easier.


  • When exploring, make sure to grab all of the chests, pistons, and furnaces that you can. These items are far more expensive than usual, and you'll thank yourself later.
  • The easiest way to obtain good armor is to kill mobs. Mobs can drop many kinds of armor; The best possible drop is QuantumSuit armor from IndustrialCraft 2. You'll be hard-pressed to find better armor for quite some time. It wouldn't be a bad idea to set up a mob farm and farm for this type of armor.
  • Due to the Biomes O' Plenty mod, certain gemstones can only be found in certain biome types. For example, mountainous biomes contain emerald ore, making them great places to mine. More info can be found here.
  • When zapping items with an Atomic Reconstructor, turn items into blocks and spit those out. It costs the same per item zapped.
  • Make a Sand Generator by having liquid starlight flow into flowing lava. Have the sand fall onto a torch and a vacuum hopper collect.
  • When dealing with small liquid amounts(seed oil in early game for impregnated sticks) use a pipette rather than a bucket.
  • A small plate presser can be automated with a block placer set to deactivate on redstone signal. Then using a redstone signal and repeater to send a redstone in the block getting pressed which uses bud power to activate the presser. Or you can use a gold button to quickly activate instead.